Monday, August 23, 2010

What we are losing

It is but the ramblings of an artist that open the mind. The paintings of the blind that teach us to see, and the philosophies of the poet that capture the heart to Love the reason now enlightened. Without These the world is cold logic. Robbed of freedom, creativity, choice and love, we merely have a function. This is where America is heading. socialism. Function over freedom does not function at all. If one is costly and can not fulfill a function deemed worthy by politicians, like the sick, the unborn, or the elderly, we simply dispose of them as freedom, even the freedom to live, should not interfere in function according to progressives. Are we as a people so ignorant as to give such power, the power of a God, To a handful of deviants ? When a true God Reveals himself to the simple and shows himself to the world once more, The Gods of this earth will tremble in their boots. it is only prayer and staunch opposition needed. If you are afraid of voicing contrary opinions, you may step aside and no one will call u a coward. however, if you have been gifted with the lack of good sense enough to speak out against injustice, then let not inhibition hold you back. Be Peaceful, for there is no rewards in chaos, but speak your mind. It is The Conservative Cry.

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