Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liberation Theology and Socialism

"Because our individual salvation depends on collective salvation", Barrack Obama. he has stated this over and over again. It would in fact be true if we were one living breathing organism with one collective soul and One function. For that matter why not throw in a one world government. This Liberation Theology that Obama has spouted continuously is a kinder gentler more appealing way of saying Socialism. Instead of socialism and communism which is scary to americans who fought the cold war, and those of us who enjoy freedom, he says "salvation". "socialism"= scary "salvation" = nice. who does not want to be saved? Yet will your salvation come from God, or Barrack Obama's ill contrived poorly executed plans ? Perhaps, he has by executive order made himself equal to God. For those of you who like conspiracy, If their is such a thing as an anti-Christ, is he him? As i said this is conspiracy to test and watch, but what is not conspiracy but blatant truth is the push for socialism in America by one man Barrack Obama. If you value your freedom, your country, your children's futures and the "collective" well being, you will do one thing, oppose Obama peacefully, and vote him out.

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